Concrete Repair

The Witmer Group offers comprehensive investigative and restoration services of your concrete floors.  We help determine the causes for deterioration.  We select only the most appropriate materials with which to make repairs.  We properly prepare defect areas, and follow through with the techniques necessary to achieve the most durable floor repairs.

We're ready to restore your concrete floors.

Curling slab edges, rocking slabs, slab corner breaks, cracks, gouges, spalled joints and joint fill separation - these are maintenance issues that if left unattended to, will cost you money and efficiency.  

gouges spalling crop smSpalling/gouges:  This kind of wear makes business less efficient, it causes the tires and wheels on your material handling vehicles costly damage, and perhaps most importantly, can create hazardous if not dangerous working conditions.



separated joints joint spalling crop smJoint fill separation:  With continued use, the separated fill will become more recessed, the spalling will spread outward from the joints, and the chips at the corners will grow.




cracks crop smCracks:  Cracks happen for a number of reasons. Although the repair can be straightforward, it's imperative to know why it happened before rectifying the problem, as there may be an underlying cause requiring priority attention. Investigative services are worth the time; with The Witmer Group, we make investigation an essential first step.


We love a challenge.  Our process, no matter the complexity of the conditions, will provide you a solution for durable floor repairs.


STEP ONE:  We'll start by determining the cause of the deterioration.  Low filler profile; poor joint cleaning prior to filling; the wrong filler; no filler; differing slab elevations (creating slab curl); rocking slab conditions (result of subgrade deficiencies or voids) - establishing cause is necessary to properly repair the defect.

STEP TWO:  We select the appropriate repair materials.  Frequency of traffic, vehicle loading and vehicle types, building temperatures, dry/cure time available, the width of the defect, and the structural condition of the floors all determine what materials are best to use.  Choose the wrong material and the results will not be durable nor permanent.

STEP THREE:  We'll define the edges, and clean properly.  The #1 cause of joint failure is inadequate preparation.  Edges must be ground to a minimum of 1/2" deep vertically, thoroughly cleaned and dry to ensure long-term durability and structural stability of the repair.

STEP FOUR:  Your finished repair is flush with the floor.  Without smooth and continuous transitions repairs will not last.  We overfill slightly, allow the material to cure into a solid, then shave or grind flush the overfill. A concave or "dished" repair/filler profile leaves joint edges exposed as impact points, and thus subject to deterioration under hard-wheeled traffic.

Why Witmer? Because repairing your floor for durability requires more than a quick fix.  It requires qualified restoration.
Brent Miller promoted to Assistant Superintendent

Congratulations to Brent Miller!
promoted to Assistant Superintendent, Waterproofing & Coatings



The Witmer Group has promoted Foreman Brent Miller to the newly added position of Assistant Superintendent.  Miller will be working alongside Waterproofing and Coatings General Superintendent Bill Kefauver, assisting in the supervision of field operations, coordinating for and interfacing with clients, contractors and field personnel, and monitoring work performance, quality, productivity, safety and scheduling.

Miller has worked in the industry for 13 years, beginning his career in waterproofing/coatings in 2004.  As a Foreman, he was celebrated for outstanding customer service, exceptional workmanship, and consistently meeting productivity and safety goals.

Miller lives in Wellsville, PA, York County, with his Partner Kristin and their three daughters, Mackenzie, Morgan and Madilyn.

Brent Miller crop sm

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